lack of calories causes depression

5 Signs That You Are Not Getting Enough Calories

Consuming fewer calories does not mean losing more weight. The calorie is the unit of measure with which we quantify the nutrients we consume per day, hence recommending an estimated amount depending on whether you are male, female or child.

But calories, more than a matter of weight, are vital to maintaining healthy habits. The nutrients of the food we eat are the source of energy that makes us able to be active and lead a good rhythm of life during our leisure time or in the workplace itself.

Below is a list of five signs that could indicate that your body does not consume the calories necessary for its proper functioning. Remember that it is not the same to take a food with a lot of caloric value that restricts the possibility of eating much and varied that combine many with low calories and that the result is a succulent meal and beneficial for the body.

1. Lazy all the time

As we have begun by saying, calories are the fuel of our body. Lack of calories leads to a lack of energy to cope with our day-to-day life. Not taking the ones indicated by the experts causes the body to take much longer to recover from a disease, an overexertion or even that it costs to face moments of concentration and constant work. If you feel tired or do not want to do something that involves an effort, it promotes a sedentary life that, in the long run, will have consequences on your own health.

2. You are hungry at all times

Remember: eating fewer calories does not mean that you have to eat little. The body sends us reminders when we are hungry, it tells us that we lack food to continue our day. We must concentrate more on the quality of food and not the quantity, since while a succulent salad can fill us perfectly with an adequate amount of calories, a donut can satisfy us at the moment but its quantity will make us consider eating more and, due to its caloric value, to give the body substances that in the long run can have harmful consequences for our body.

3. Bad mood

Irritability, bad mood, anxiety, depression…, many of these symptoms appear when we are hungry. Most people feel an undeniable satisfaction when they eat so when they are deprived of it, it is when these negative feelings flourish. This combined with the lack of nutrients that makes our body have a good functioning causes this discomfort. That is why it is constantly repeated, the need to have 5 meals a day, as it controls that feeling of anxiety and, in the long run, makes you a better person since nobody wants a grumpy.

4. Binge eating…and rightly so!

We all like to indulge in eating what is considered “forbidden” from time to time. We consent to sin. But this act can be much more common if we spend the day restricting even healthy foods. If we are constantly depriving ourselves of enough food to reach the minimum of calories our body needs daily is when involuntary binges appear. That is why it is so important to create healthy eating habits that educate our mind and stomach that, in the long run, will prevent such events.

5. You are much more thirsty than usual.

If you do not eat enough food, besides depriving your body of the calories necessary to continue in your day-to-day activities, you also do not consume the electrolytes that the body needs. Electrolytes are minerals such as sodium and potassium that are responsible for your body maintain proper levels of hydration. So often this lack of food also means a lack of hydration. So remember to drink at least two liters of water a day.

These symptoms are very common when the body is not getting enough calories to function properly. There are many ways to eat enough, healthy to combat these symptoms without impacting your weight loss.